Dec 03

Our Cat Typsy

Picture of a cat

I’m Cute so rub my belly.

This is Typsy, less affectionately known as Doctor Evil. Mr Antisocial he is , if anyone comes up our driveway he’s of to the bedroom to hide like a nervous Nelly. Typsy was an abandoned kitten who found us one night while we were out getting takeaway.

He likes to think he is tough but because he was undernourished as a kitten he is a bit smaller than the other cats in our neighborhood and they beat up on him. We do love him heaps and he supplies us with hours of entertainment.

If you’d like to tell us about your cat please contact us throught the contact page.

Mar 04

Cat Food Coupons

Are You Spending Too Much On Cat Food?

Cat food does not come cheap, even owners would admit to this without hesitation. Nevertheless the sweet nature of this animal and their adorable looks makes them worth it, according to many pet lovers. So, even if their foods are expensive they would not mind buying the weekly supply. However, there is a way to save money by taking advantage of cat food coupons.

Having cats for a pet can be costly as these animals are more sensitive than dogs, so they are hard to feed. The fact that cat food is expensive would certainly mean that your weekly expenditure would go higher than normal, but as said, there is a way to save money so you will not go broke buying food for your pet even if you have more than one cat.

A lot of companies that produce cat food understand that raising these adorable cats is costly, so in order to help pet owners with their weekly budget many provide cat food coupons to help you save money.

If you want to know more about cat food coupons as well as how this type of money saving discount can help you financially, below are few tips on how to get them and use them.

Cat Food Coupons

• Getting coupons is easy, as many websites offer them. Just browse online and you will be able to see one that is worth downloading. Once downloaded, just print it and show it to any shops that accepts the discount coupons.

• Every coupon has an expiration date, so make sure that you use the printed coupon before it become worthless. The date printed will tell you immediately when you should use it and until when it is valid.

• If you used to buy cheap cat foods because better brands are more expensive, know that most of the pricey food for cat offer coupons to give their loyal customers a discount for their next purchase.

• If you are buying online then the coupons you need to get are ones that can be use to buy online cat food. The cat food coupons for online use do not need to be printed or download, just copy the codes and enter the details when you order online to get the discount.

• There are also discount sites that offer cat food coupons wherein you can buy the cat food for 50% off the original price, provided you buy them at their website. You also need to register to avail of their offerings. Check out Pet Food Direct’s Cat Food Center for exclusive online discounts.

We have made it easier for you to save you some time and provided some exclusive cat food coupons below.

  1. Science Diet Cat Food Coupons | Cat Food Coupons Science Diet cat food coupons will help you save money when it comes to keeping your cat happy and healthy.
  2. Learn How To Effectively Use Wellness Cat Food Coupons On Your Next Purchase | Cat Food Coupons If you are a cat owner then using the Wellness cat food coupons will help reduced your weekly budget on healthy cat food.

Mar 04

Are Large Cat Litter Boxes Big Enough For Your Fat Cat?

large cat litter boxesFat Cat

Are Large Cat Litter Boxes Big Enough For Your Fat Cat?

Buying stuff that your cat needs is fun and important to do, but you should not buy just anything without considering your pet character and size.

A cat is more sensitive and easy to manage, but they can also be a problem especially when your pet is too energetic and fat. Fortunately, there are larger cat litter boxes to choose from when you need one.

When buying a litter box you should always consider the size, as you do not want something that will make your cat feel uncomfortable. Besides, when you have a fat cat and your litter box is too small they can step on their own waste.

In addition, your pet might experience aversion to the wrong box and so rather than use the litter box they will choose to defecate and urinate elsewhere.

Why Should You Buy A Large Cat Litter Box?

Buying large cat litter boxes will make them feel at ease, because there is more room to move around, unlike with small boxes. Actually, ease of movement is not the only factor why it is worth buying larger boxes, but you are also encouraging your pet to visit the boxes more often.

Furthermore, larger cat litter boxes are ideal for bigger or fat cats, so you should not forget their size when choosing the best box. Keep in mind as well that even if your cat moves around the litter box, you do not have to worry about the poop getting thrown out the box and messing your floor.

Does A Large Cat Litter Box Take Longer To Clean?

You might think that larger boxes take longer to clean but when you consider the possible problems of buying a small litter box when the cat is fat then you are just inviting additional chores by not purchasing a bigger box.

Take note, the larger cat litter boxes are more useful to have around than small litter box, as you have the assurance that no poop will be kick out of the box. The best thing of all, you know that your fat cat will have spare room to move around and feel comfortable. Large litter boxes are perfect for fat cats; there is no doubt about it.

Jun 19

Wellness Cat Food Coupons

In present times it is an advantage to use discount coupons in order to save money and pay less than the advertised price. If you are a cat owner then using the Wellness cat food coupons will help reduced your weekly budget on healthy cat food. The cat food coupons offered by the Wellness manufacturers is the solution for many cat owners that find it difficult to maintain their pets basic needs. In fact, the coupons offer more than a simple discount; you also get an opportunity to buy a very prestigious and popular product that every cat would surely love to eat. What makes Wellness cat food special? For one, the WellPet LLC is an established company, well known for their wonderful products and management. The company had a long history that dates back to 1926, but it was not until the company was acquired from OMH in 1961 that it started to make headway when it comes to pet food. By the way, Wellness cat food did not become an official brand until the year 2000. Wellness is a company that understands the importance of good food for cats and dogs, so they produce a high quality product that meets the nutritional demands of these animals.

Wellness cat food couponsWellness cat food coupon

Actually, when it comes to cats they even have a grain free cat food designed especially for cats that are allergic to grain. Come to think of it! They have Wellness cat food coupons offered for those that want to save money on healthy food for their cats. You see, you can benefit a lot if you use Wellness cat food coupons as what you save on your cat food budget can be used to pay for their monthly checkup and other things that you want to buy for your beloved pet. In addition, if you have many cats then you will need to buy a lot of food and believe me, with the price skyrocketing these days any discount is worth considering.

Wellness cat food

Coupons are not a bad thing and so you should consider using them any time you are able to. In truth, it does not matter if you are rich or poor as Wellness cat food coupons arecreated for those wise enough to want to save money and appreciate the savings they get.

Jun 19

Science Diet Cat Food Coupons

Get Discounts On The Healthy Science Diet Food For Cats By Using Some Science Diet Cat Food Coupons!

Organic foods are becoming popular these days because they are healthier compared to non-organic cat foods. However, organic cat foods can be a lot pricier because they are not made of ordinary ingredients.

Nevertheless, you should not worry since Science Diet cat food coupons will help you save money when it comes to keeping your cat happy and healthy. You can also save on the popular Wellness Brand of cat food using some Wellness car food coupons.

Many veterinarians worldwide recommend organic cat foods because they are healthier and could definitely provide the much-needed nutrients that your pet needs.

In fact, those that have switch to organic foods notice that their cats complexions have improve and become less sickly. Making organic stuff highly recommended and definitely worth trying.

Science Diet Cat Food Coupons

Science Diet food for pets is a good example of great organic food for cats and dogs. This is the number 1 choice by veterinarians when it comes to organic foods.

This is mainly because of the high quality ingredients and the recipe designed to remedy many of the ailments that cats and dogs tend to suffer from.

Science Diet is available online and at local vendors. The coupons they provide can be used to purchase your cat’s organic food online, by simply entering the code on the coupons or can be printed in order to present them to the vendors that accept them.

Science Diet cat food

Using the coupons will not just make the Science Diet affordable but you can save money to spend for your other pets needs as well.

Taking advantage of these cat food coupons is the wisest decision you will ever make in your life and for your cat.


Let me list down the reasons why you should use the coupons offered by Science Diet.

•Using the coupons will reduce your cat’s foods budget significantly, as you do not have to pay for the whole price.

•You are giving your cat one of the healthiest food that is also suitable for their diet.

•Science Diet will improve your cat’s complexion and make them more energetic, at the same time less sickly.

•Science Diet is highly recommended by many veterinarians worldwide, and if you want, the best for your cat then take advantage of the Science Diet cat food.

We have made it an easy choice, simple join the Science Diet newsletter for special monthly offers and discounts!

Jun 19

Fresh Step Cat Litter Coupons

Do You Like Using Fresh Step Cat Litter? Save Big By Using Some Fresh Step Cat Litter Coupons!

For some people having a cat at home is a lot easier than having a dog since you do not need to walk them every day. With cats, the only problem is dealing with the nasty odor of their crap, and the mess that comes with it.

Fortunately, Fresh Step offers a scented cat litter and best of all you can purchase them at a discount with some great Fresh Step cat litter coupons on the Fresh Step Brand products.

Fresh Step has been producing quality cat litter since 1984, and are well known not just for their wonderful products but also for giving out tons of Fresh Step cat litter coupons to help pet owners save a few bucks. After all, with the prices of basic commodities always on the rise, buying stuff for less than the advertised price is definitely a good deal.

Fresh Step cat litter coupons

The scented litter offered by Fresh Step is worth trying out, especially if you are tired of smelling the nasty odor of your beloved pet.

You see, the bad odor that comes from the crap of cat is natural, and when you do not clean your cat’s litter as often as you should then you can definitely smell the foul odor in your home.

The First Step scented litter can prevent the poop of your cat from emitting too much odor and most importantly is that your pet will not have to carry the smell everywhere they go. In addition, the litter box will clump the crap, so scooping out the poop will be a lot easier and not messy.

The fact that Fresh Step products are scented, making them extremely special then naturally the litter is a bit pricier compare to ordinary litter and litter boxes. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry as you can still afford to buy these wonderful scented products with the Fresh Step cat litter coupons.

The Fresh Step cat litter coupons will allow you to save when you buy online or at a local shop near your area. Just print out the coupons or copy the code to use them anytime. The first thing you need to do is join the exclusive Paw Points Club by the Fresh Step Brand, don’t worry it is absolutely free!


Jun 19

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Do They Work In Reducing The Smell Of Cat Litter?

automatic cat litter boxes            automatic cat litter box

Cats are cute, adorable and sweet no wonder many people enjoy having them as pets. However taking care of cats would mean living with the bad smell that comes from their crap and believe me the smell could be overpowering. Nevertheless, you can always buy automatic cat litter boxes if you want to reduce the nasty odor that comes from the cat crap.

What are automatic cat litter boxes and how do they work? The purpose of litter boxes is to provide your cat a place to poop and pee, when it comes to automatic boxes they are able to take away the hassle of cleaning poop all the time. You see, automatic boxes are very effective when you do not want to be bothered with cleaning.

These boxes are built with sensors or motion detectors that tell when a cat leaves the box. If a cat exits the box, the electric rake will automatically riff the litter and collect the waste to dispose. If you have a really fat cat then you will need to choose from the many large cat litter boxes available on the market.

Keep in mind that with regular pots or boxes you will have to collect the crap and disposed them immediately, unless you want to keep smelling the nasty odor of your pet the automatic cat litter boxes are more advantageous to buy rather than ordinary litter boxes.

Despite the hefty price that ranges from $100 -$350 dollars is still worth it as you can forget about the boring chore of cleaning after your cat.  In addition, you can keep your home odor free and tidy without much effort.

manual cat litter box

Automatic cat litter boxes are highly effective in reducing the nasty odor of poop because the crap is taken care of immediately as soon as the cat leaves the litter box.

expensive cat litter boxes

Additionally controlling the dust is also easier and there is no reason to worry even if you are away longer than usual from home because the litter boxes cleans after itself and if you own more than one cat, large boxes are also available.

If you think that the automatic cat litter boxes price tag is too exorbitant, why not weight the benefits versus the cost. In the end, you will appreciate the hassle free life that this litter boxes brings.

Besides, you do not have to worry about the units being defective as every automatic litter box has a guarantee. Enjoy time with your cat without having to clean up after them all the time.

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